Musketeer principle

#project , #methods , #agile

the musketeer principle is a principle for coping with small and large projects It is the basis of cooperation in teams. a rogue who transfers this idea to another organization, ants state, bee colony or even ideal society ;-)

  • no room for egoists and “not teamplayer”
  • all for one for all.
  • do not embarrass.
  • do not know either - you can ask everyone helps.
  • Everyone helps everyone and can also receive help
  • Help must be accepted
  • Basic features is openness tolerance and acceptance
  • the group helps each individual to develop.
  • in a group there can be different roles depending on the needs and tastes
  • goals are common goals
  • but everyone can have a “home”. All help to preserve or create another’s homeland
  • this is another property to compromise. because the goals and home are often competing